Custom pens with logo.

Made in Spain

The Inoxcrom® difference

Design, writing quality and durability are the hallmarks of our advertising pens.

A promotional pen with a logo is a good way to spread the brand at trade fairs, events and meetings. In addition, is a useful gift that guarantees the visibility of the brand in the hands of the recipient.

From Barcelona we personalize a whole range of ballpens with logo, with matching pencils and pens. From recycled and antibacterial plastic models, to high-quality stainless steel or lacquered pens and fountain pens.

360º laser engraving allows multiple possibilities of personalization and application of your brand on the entire surface. The level of detail and precision is far superior to previous marking techniques.

The silkscreen and pad printed pens allow you to faithfully reproduce your corporate colors on various surfaces, while the 360º film achieves full-color enveloping designs with high advertising impact.

The customization of each piece, which can include the color of the injection in plastic models, guarantees a faithful application of your brand image.

Tired of disposable things?

The heart of each of our writing instruments is the high capacity refill. Designed and manufactured with our recognized quality, it makes each Inoxcrom® a sustainable and durable tool. Personalized refillable pens write so well and for so long that they are the best marketing investment for your business.

The presentation, in personalized premium quality cases, facilitates the first impact of your gift, and a perception of quality associated with your brand.

Quality control throughout the production process ensures that each pen arrives in the best condition and supports your brand for a long time, making your investment more profitable.

This is the Inoxcrom® difference.

360º Laser engraving

360º laser engraving, guarantees the reproduction of even the smallest detail and without distortions of your image

At the same time it achieves spectacular and long-lasting forms of wraparound design customization. An exclusive from Inoxcrom®

Your best image.

Personalization of all the details, including the body and terminals  injection color, for a precise application of your corporate image.

Premium line

Our Premium range, laser customized for flawless effect and durability.


Custom premium case solutions that ensure your image is displayed from the very first moment.

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